Horror Movie Review: Psycho Sleepover (2008)

Debbie (Rachel Castillo) has a bit of a problem in the form of her boyfriend. He is constantly pressuring her to give him a blowjob but she doesn’t want to go any further then Eskimo nose kissing. After trying again and again to get to do what he wants, he flips out, dons a clown costume and tries to kill her. A normal reaction to a woman saying no, obviously.

She manages to fight him off then makes the discovery that her father was also a serial killer after he dies!

Psycho Sleepover 2

A year later Debbie is trying to make a normal life for herself when she is invited to a sleepover by the popular girls in school. Initially unsure about going, she eventually comes around to the idea spurred on by her horny mother and even hornier therapist. He sees the party as a great way to get laid so manages to get the address out of Debbie but in his haste, he accidentally lets a bunch of crazed killers escape the asylum. Guess what party the lunatics are looking to crash?

Psycho Sleepover 3

Psycho Sleepover is a horror parody/comedy that takes some gleeful pokes at 80’s slasher horror and many of their tropes. While it’s never laugh out loud funny, there are enough clever moments that a wry smile might creep over your face.

The cast look like they’re enjoying themselves and that in itself is infectious.

Psycho Sleepover 4

It doesn’t take itself seriously at all, something that is definitely for the best considering just how low-budget it is (rumoured to be a mere $2000). The plot slowly dwindles into nothing, instead the movie attempts to ignore or flat-out step on the conventional horror rules. This does mean we reach wacky stages by the second half of the film. The lack of coherence and the rapid-fire attempts at humour don’t always work in the films favour but by the end you might be surprised by how much you enjoyed it.

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Psycho Sleepover
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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