Album Review: The Room 1985 – The Bliss (Analogue Trash Records)

Psychedelic progressive rockers The Room 1985 are back with their brand new album ‘The Bliss’ set for release on August 10th 2018 via Analogue Trash Records.

Formed in 2016, the band was started by Chris Crysand (guitar/synths) who has toured all over Europe with a previous electronic project and also with his Italian prog-metal band The Fifth Season. He teamed up with Sam Stone, a singer and bass player with several years of experience (formerly of Wet Desert) and John Hulse (drums/programming), a versatile drummer, inspired by John Bonham, Nick Mason and Phil Collins and all the iconic drummers of the 1970’s.

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A hallucinogenic synth dream, The Bliss is filled with all manner of groove, riffs and a prog/funk infusion. An energetic start with Daylight ticks a lot of boxes for the fusion promised with just enough rock sensibilities about it to not see it disappear into a synth black hole. Although the title track skirts dangerously close to that a few times wasting the Emily Oldfield poetry by it being almost impossible to understand. Some of the effects used here are irritating too.

Attention Seeker brings things back around with some great additional vocals by AISA and catchy electronica melody. Ishtar drops some deep and heavy groove, Snowy White has some sweet melody before The Arrival drops a banger with some of the heaviest beats so far. Vickie Harley’s vocals are absolutely spectacular here too.

Wrapping up with The Tentacles of Oz and Awake, The former’s squealing electronics don’t do much to wow while the latter does the opposite. Offering uplifting rhythm and feel-good melodies to end things on a high.

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The Room 1985 – The Bliss Full Track Listing:

1. Daylight
2. The Bliss (feat. Emily Oldfied Poetry)
3. Attention Seeker (feat. AISA)
4. Ishtar (Instrumental)
5. Snowy White
6. The Arrival (feat. Vickie Harley)
7. The Tentacles of Oz (Instrumental)
8. Awake



You can order the album over on Bandcamp, Spotify and via Apple Music below. Find out more/keep up to date with news by checking out their website, liking The Room 1985’s Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and subscribing to their YouTube Channel.


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The Room 1985 - The Bliss (Analogue Trash Records)
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