Horror Movie Review: Pool Party Massacre (2017)

Inspired by 80’s slasher horror, Pool Party Massacre is a low-budget comedy horror that is far better then it has any right to be. Low budget 80’s inspired slasher horrors are becoming a sub-genre of horror in their own right by today’s standards and standing out from the crowd is very difficult. Pool Party Massacre does this by being silly, campy, gory and at times, very funny. Writer and director, Drew Marvick has done wonders here on a shoe-string budget.

Pool Party Massacre 2

It starts things off perfectly as a woman tries to seduce the pool boy with the kind of lines you’d expect to hear in a rubbish porno. She wants him to rub lotion on her hard to reach areas, mentions her husband being out of town and keeps adjusting her bikini top. The pool boy doesn’t see or hear a word she says though as he’s trying to clean the pool out while listening to death metal on his ear-phones.

These two are the first victims of our killer. Shot in a way that we see he is a huge figure but always with his head out of frame.

Pool Party Massacre 3

Blair’s parents are going out of town and she’s planning to have her friends come over for a party. Not that her parents mind, they just don’t want her to have a threesome…or at least as her father puts it, the devil’s threesome.

Once they’ve headed off, a group of Blair’s friends’ come over to party followed by a group of boys hoping to get lucky. One in a particular tries his luck with every girl, one by one, crashing and burning each time. These moments are when Pool Party Massacre misses the mark as they’re rarely funny and go on for ages.

Pool Party Massacre 4

Thankfully as each couple pairs off to have sex (nudity comes via porn actress, Alexis Adams) or get some alone time, they fall victim to our hulking killer who dispatches them in a variety of ways.

It’s pretty obvious just who the killer is from an early scene but the really fun comes from the twist that shows he isn’t working alone. The writer and director, Drew Marvick plays the killer and he is hilarious. His motivations are unexpected and makes for some dialogue that is comedic gold.

Pool Party Massacre 5

A tongue in cheek approach to the violence and gore makes things that little more gleeful and while there isn’t anything we’ve not seen before, it’s nasty enough to get the attention.

Pool Party Massacre does exactly what you’d expect and then some more. With so many slasher horror comedies out there, this would be one many might just pass by but that would be a mistake as it is well worth a watch.

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Pool Party Massacre
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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