Horror Movie Review: Hecatomb (2006)

Directed by Frank Durant (as Frank D’Agostino) and starring Sean Canaday, Brandy Blakeney and Frank Schiavone. Hecatomb is a really admirable mix of crime and horror that is only let down by its length and low budget. The former results in a few too many scenes that feel like padding while the latter makes for an ugly watch.

A man who has been missing for over 20 years mysteriously turns up and has no idea where he has been. Detective Michael Chaney (Sean Canaday) is sent to investigate the strange occurrences but finds a town with some very deep and dark secrets.

This is a b-grade horror movie that relies heavily on horror clichés and the performance of its lead, Sean Canaday. His character is one worth watching though. A detached and no-nonsense detective who skirts the line of likeable and unlikeable on a regular basis. Don’t expect Oscar level acting here and you won’t be disappointed. It’s amateurish and awkward but fits the low-budget aesthetics perfectly fine.

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Talking of which, there’s no escaping just how rough Hecatomb looks most of the time. It’s dingy and dark, with the camera up to close at times and too far away at others. This also results in some annoying sound issues, such as echoes and muddy dialogue. It’s not great production overall… but, and this is a big but, there is some charm to Hecatomb.

The story told is interesting and aside from the afore-mentioned padding, moves along at a decent enough pace. The finale is fun as it properly ramps up the horror aspect and its soundtrack, while cheesy, really fits the overall mood of the movie.

It’s not going to go down as a classic, must watch movie, but for what it tries to do and what it manages to pull off, it can get some praise.


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