Album Review: Terrorential – Visions (Self Released)

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Terrorential are a thrash/death metal band due to release their debut album, Visions on March 15th, 2021.

You can certainly tell that Terrorential are having fun doing what they’re doing. Tracks like Goddamn Thrashing and I’m Fucking Drunk are great examples of how much fun playing fast, hard and heavy is for these Aussies.

Their fun translates to our fun, as Visions is a blast of hyper-active thrash metal with strong elements of death metal thrown in for good measure. Elements that are a bit more prominent on the likes of Warrior, Flood the Earth and Unleashed. Where the influence of the likes of early-Children of Bodom and At the Gates are rampant. No complaints though, as Terrorential bring their own kick-ass groove to the wild head-bangers.

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With riffs as wild as the Outback, guitar solos that should come with a health warning about speed and percussion that sets the teeth on edge. This band do not let up for even a second and that’s before you take the vocals into account. Snarling, spitting and grinding with absolute fury.

They’re an unsavoury bunch but music this savage just makes them kind of lovable. A no-nonsense frenzy of metal, what’s not to love?

Terrorential – Visions Full Track Listing:

1. Prelusion
2. Logical Terror
3. Warrior
4. One for One
5. Flood the Earth
6. Goddamn Thrashing
7. Dream Escape
8. I’m Fucking Drunk…!
9. Unleashed
10. Visions
11. Terrorential


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Terrorential - Visions (Self Released)
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