Album Review: May the Tempest – Rise to Remain (Self Released)

Munich based metalcore band, May the Tempest will release their debut album ‘Rise to Remain’ on March 19th, 2021. Rise To Remain tells of the moral abyss of a relationship, its end, and its aftermath; An emotional chaos reflected not only lyrically but also musically.

With heartfelt emotion, May the Tempest set out their metalcore sound with strained vocals and soft melody on opener Unity. A fitting title as it already makes you feel in sync with the band. A brief expulsion of metal shows where the music is heading, leading into the frenzied energy of Infinite. This is where things really get going in familiar but exciting metalcore style.

Off to the races now. We get a bunch of hyper-active listens. Different, with its frenetic riffing and throaty vocal roars, Gravity with its strained aggression and melodic depth, Vacant’s chuggy pacing with its spiralling chorus and Monotony’s violent jabs blended with feel-good highs. A ton of quality making up most of the first half of the record even if there’s nothing particularly unique on offer here.

However, as we always say, that doesn’t matter if what is being done, is done very well and in the case of May the Tempest, that rings true.

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Continuing the quality, there’s added flavour to the pair of tracks; Nothing and Nowhere where the heavy bits really hit hard, and the melodic bits lift the spirits. Ghost then goes for circle pit mayhem with a wild flurry of instrumentation, reaching downright deathcore levels with the harsher side of the vocals. Something balanced perfectly with their mellower side. Here, May the Tempest also throw in a sharp sounding guitar solo which is a welcome addition.

Reaching the latter portion of the album, Clouds is a lot airier with a grander, almost post-like, touch and Vanity brings emotive devastation that lacks comfort even when the vocals get cleaner. The penultimate effort, Endure is a short piece of rising heaviness that threatens unbridled chaos. An intro to the epic metalcore conclusion that is Unspoken Agreement where the sum of all May the Tempest’s parts are combined to end the album in crunchy and crushing style.

A very strong debut, fans of metalcore will eat it up.

May the Tempest – Rise to Remain Full Track Listing:

1. Unity
2. Infinite
3. Different
4. Gravity
5. Vacant
6. Monotony
7. Nothing
8. Nowhere
9. Ghost
10. Clouds
11. Vanity
12. Endure
13. Unspoken Agreement


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May the Tempest – Rise to Remain (Self Released)
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