Horror Movie Review: Peelers (2016)

Peelers is gory, gooey zombie horror directed by Sevé Schelenz, written by Lisa DeVita & starring Wren Walker, Caz Odin Darko and Madison J. Loos. It will be available March 28th 2017 on Video on Demand (VOD) via Uncork’d Entertainment.

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Blue Jean (don’t call her BJ) runs a small-town strip club that is enjoying its final night of opening. It has been bought up by an unscrupulous businessman who has plans to close it down as soon as the clock hits midnight.

Business is booming on this final night with all the locals in to see the show. A combination of stripping & ‘unique’ parlour tricks. A group of coal miners arrive & set about enjoying themselves. Unfortunately one of them has a nasty looking cut on his leg.

Peelers 2

It turns out he is infected with some sort of disease. It causes extreme nasty vomiting before the victim becomes a snarling, violent zombie. It’s not long before the strip club is overrun with these creatures forcing Blue Jean & the rest of her girls to fight back.

Peelers 3

While Peelers isn’t the first movie to mix strippers & zombies, it can proudly hold the title of being the best one so far. Very entertaining with buckets of nasty looking gore. It has characters you can actually care about & plenty of gratuitous boob shots… if that’s your thing.

There are quite a few stripping scenes but most have their tongues firmly planted in their undead cheeks. These women strip but always seem to sign off with a ‘what did I just see?’ moment. As silly as it might sound it makes them seem far more real as characters. They are fully aware that they are all about giving a great show.

Peelers 4

The pace of the movie is really well done, building towards a full-on outbreak nicely. Boredom never sets in thanks to the interesting characters that work within the strip club. A likeable bunch, even the younger members of the cast avoid being annoying (although a few too many puns at the end risk it).

The actors involved do a good job when alive & an even better one when they have transformed. This disease wrecks the body turning the host into a super-strong, near-indestructible monster. It allows for some amazing visual moments such as a head being crushed into pulp & antlers through the back & out the boobs.

Peelers 5

If you get queasy at the sight of blood this really isn’t the film for you. For everyone else, just sit back & enjoy a fun zombie romp that splatters the gore around as if it’s going out of business.


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