EP Review: Hellfire – Goat Revenge (Witches Brew)

The debut EP from the black metal Ukrainian band, Hellfire was released on the 31st of January 2017 via Witches Brew.

Hellfire Band

At just 24 minutes long, Goat Revenge doesn’t mess around. After a brooding intro it kicks straight into Hellmass Attack. Dark & heavy riffs that swirl around offering up a combination of sounds.

For all it’s black metal sound, Goat Revenge shares plenty in common with death metal & early thrash metal. It’s uncompromising music that isn’t trying to be anything but a blend of crushing heavy metal.

Goat Revenge, War Apocalypse Battery & Field of Screams are just jam packed with intense vocal snarls, riffs that pluck at the very fibre of humanity & drum beats that seem to want to crack the earth open. It’s impossible to get bored with this constant assault as it smartly knows when to end.

Before your very ears the EP will fly by. Unholy Cult is a solid song that isn’t looking to blow anyone away through uniqueness but instead demands you at least notice it.

The penultimate track, Unleash the Beast stands as the strongest track on the EP thanks to a beat that is as catchy as you’re likely to get here. Here Hellfire experiment with their sound a bit more, dropping in a damn fine guitar solo near the end.

Goat Revenge ends with an up-tempo blast of death metal noise. Lord of the Mighty Horns is a fitting title as it sounds like the kind of soundtrack you might expect the devil to have. Its final minute is as perfect as closer as you can get on an EP that is all about making as much noise as possible.

Goat Revenge Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Hellmass Attack
3. Goat Revenge
4. War Apocalypse Battery
5. Field of Screams
6. Unholy Cult
7. Unleash the Beast
8. Lord of the Mighty Horns

You can pick up the EP now over on Bandcamp. Make sure you pop over to Facebook where you can learn more about the band.


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Hellfire - Goat Revenge (Witches Brew)
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