Album Review: Inferno – Genética Humana (Necromance Records)

The new album from thrash metal band, Inferno called Genética Human was released back in January of this year via Necromance Records.

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Genética Human is 32 minutes of bludgeoning thrash metal played at an constant intense pace that wears down any resistance you might have. No frills, no fancy melodies just a constant assault of ‘in your face’ metal.

Avaricia, Cien Mil Golpes, Asesino… You’ll be able to make up your mind within the first couple of songs if Inferno’s brand of aggressive thrash is for you. The band fire off blistering riffs & hooks as if their lives depended on it. Add the harsh vocals & gang chants to the mix & you have an album that really doesn’t disappoint if you’re a thrash fan.

There isn’t a whole lot of variation at times though & some songs blend into one another a little too much. The drumming is constant & quite loud in the mix resulting in the beat dominating a few tracks a little too much.

What can’t be faulted is the energy on show, Inferno sound like every note means something to them. They’re playing out of their skin with the likes of No Es Tú Dios & Millones de Ratas proving that there is something special about this band.

The better stuff comes in short spurts with the final 2 tracks just going over 5 minutes combined. The title track is a catchy number that throws out a brief blasting solo to keep things interesting before Amensia throws one final knockout blow.

As part of the new wave of thrash metal, Inferno are a very bright spark.

Inferno 2

Inferno – Genética Humana Full Track Listing:

1. Avaricia
2. Cien Mil Golpes
3. Asesino
4. Muérete
5. Cultura del Egoismo
6. No Es Tú Dios
7. Tu Credo
8. Millones de Ratas
9. Genética Humana
10. Amnesia

Pop over to Bandcamp & pick up the album now. You can also stream it via most major streaming music services including Apple Music below. Check out Necromance Records out on Facebook too.

Inferno - Genética Humana (Necromance Records)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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