Horror Movie Review: Party Night (2017)

Everything about Party Night screams 80’s slasher tribute. From the movie artwork to the simple story of partying teens being slaughtered by an unseen figure. Party Night isn’t trying to be original and that’s OK. It’s OK because for what it is, a throwback to the classic slashers of old, it’s entertaining but not without fault.

Party Night 1

The very straight-forward story sees six friends ditch their high school after prom party and throw their own party at a secluded house. Can you guess what happens next? The group of partying youngsters fall victim to a slashing psychopath!

It’s cheap, ugly to look at (the close-ups!) and has some poor sound quality but Party Night has positives. For starters, it’s a slasher in every sense of the word and knowing that it is far easier to loosen the mind and roll with the punches.

Party Night 3

There’s no point going in expecting anything smart and particularly thrilling. Instead just sit back and enjoy the slaughter of a group of characters that are portrayed far better than you might expect. For a low-budget indie flick, the acting is solid and you can easily see a couple members of this cast going on to bigger and better things.

The other area that Party Night gets the nod of approval is with the gore. Again, it’s not mind-blowing stuff but there are a few gruesome moments that will please hounds of the bloody stuff.

Party Night 4

It’s easy to just dismiss Party Night because of how unoriginal it is but you’d be hard pressed to find any modern slasher that can offer new ideas. It’s not fair to punish Party Night because of that, it’s purposely aping the horrors of yesterday. However, with a bit more budget and a bit more polish it would have been far easier to recommend.

It is a poor-man’s slasher but doesn’t disappoint because expectations were low anyway. Fun can be had and it’s only 70 minutes long!

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Party Night
  • The Final Score - 5.5/10
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