Horror Short Review: Mater (2019)

Serving as a prequel to the excellent Ouroboros, Mater is the latest horror short from David Teixeria who once again collaborates with Lea N’Kaoua. However, Ouroboros doesn’t need to be seen to enjoy this twisted tale.

We’ve covered a few of David Teixeria’s shorts before, Girls Night, Girls Night 2, Ouroboros and most recently, Mannequin. We consider him one of the brightest stars in modern horror and the more we see and learn about Lea N’Kaoua we’re getting on board with her too.

Mater 2

She stars in Mater and this might be my favourite performance of hers so far. She plays an unknown woman taking care of her ill mother in a country house. We’re introduced to her as she prepares herself getting dressed in old-school conservative clothing before saying a little prayer to a wooden cross she keeps in her purse.

Mater 4

She leaves the house and while walking through the woods runs into an elderly man who offers her some herbs to ease her mother’s suffering. She gladly takes them and gives them to her mother but is shocked when she dies.

Inconsolable, she runs outside in tears but finds herself face to face with something. Something ancient and something evil.

Mater 3

What a fantastic short this is. The best David Teixeria has put out yet? There’s a strong case for that. Mater is dark, really dark and a little uncomfortable but it’s fascinating to watch as we await to see just what fate awaits this woman.

Visually, it’s utterly spell-binding and the way it is shot draws you in. You’ll want answers but you won’t get many. It’s a mystery but that’s ok as it pays off in a terrifying way. Gleefully too especially for those who have seen Ouroboros.

Mater (2019)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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