Game Review: Bacon – The Game (Mobile – Free to Play)

Put Bacon on EVERYTHING!

Credit where credit is due, Bacon – The Game is blast to play. Entertaining, addictive and completely free to play. Not the kind of free to play game with content gated off or in-game currency plastered throughout it. Nor does it assault your eyes with ads, in fact after 30 minutes of playing I didn’t see a single ad beside the small banner one that sits at the bottom of the screen. This is because they are cleverly placed behind the skip level option. Should you be struggling to pass a specific level, just watch an ad to skip. Completely fair and completely reasonable.

Bacon 2

So, what’s the goal? Simple…put bacon on everything! I mean literally everything!

A hand will drop a slice of bacon on to a frying pan you control by tapping the screen. Flip the bacon into the air and try and get it to land on whatever the item is. It ranges from a simple cheeseburger to a painting of Sir Francis Bacon to the Chinese character for pleasure!

Bacon 3

So many absurd things to put bacon on with varying degrees of difficulty. The smaller the item, the tougher it is with an apple proving to be quite a challenge to surpass.

There is no high score, no goal in sight. Just keep flipping the bacon so it lands on the item. Bacon goes great with everything after all!

Bacon 4

The free to play market is a mess driven by greed so it is a pleasure to see such a simple game come along. It’s very addictive and while there is little longevity in it, it will entertain for a while. Especially with its tongue in cheek approach.

Bacon 5

Bacon - The Game
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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