Album Review: Thrombus – Mental Turmoil (La Caverna Records)

Death metal band, Thrombus were active between 1991 and 1996. Now defunct. Some of their members now play in YOB, Shadow of the Torturer etc. La Caverna Records have reissued Mental Turmoil, their cassette from 1993. Almost completely unknown because only 100 copies were ever released.



It’s good that this album has got a re-issue as it’s a slice of death metal history most fans wouldn’t want to miss out on. While in no way unique, the six tracks that make up Mental Turmoil are brutal slabs of abusive heaviness with some speed/thrash influences. The kind of music you just head-bang as hard as you can too.

It’s just good, solid, no-nonsense death metal with the likes of the title track, Fetid Mass and Embolic Infarction proving that any who never had the opportunity to get their hands on this back in the day, missed out.

While we may not have Thrombus with us anymore, we can at least be glad that La Caverna Records have brought this album back to life.

Thrombus 1

Thrombus – Mental Turmoil Full Track Listing:

1. From Beyond
2. Mental Turmoil
3. Fetid Mass
4. Structured
5. Embolic Infarction
6. What a Waste

You can order the album now over on Bandcamp.

Thrombus - Mental Turmoil (La Caverna Records)
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