Horror Movie Review: Mister Creep (2022)

Do you enjoy cliché-ridden found footage horror? If so, Mister Creep and writer/director Isaac Rodriguez has what you need.

Beth (Amber Lee Solis), Val (Shaela Payne), John (Ali Alkhafaji), and Dave (Thomas Burke) are friends and students who have decided to do their class project on a series of disappearances stretching over a couple of decades.

Val, who has an obsession with serial killers, believes these disappearances are connected to the legend of Mister Creep. A serial killer who killed over two hundred people and broadcasted videos of his victims’ final moments. Mister Creep was caught eventually and given the death penalty. However, legend says that his broadcasts continue to this very day.

Of course, the source of the broadcasts are easily tracked down by the characters. It’s this kind of quick conveniences that take you out of Mister Creep’s story. Even if the snappy pace is welcome as Mister Creep is only around an hour long.

This fast-paced storytelling means its not long before their digging uncovers dark secrets and a suggestion that the legend of Mister Creep might just live on.

As far as found-footage horrors go, Mister Creep isn’t one of the worst. Even if it falls into some of the more obvious pitfalls, such as the characters filming regardless of the terror they face. Where it comes apart, is with the amount of general horror clichés it employs. You could make a drinking game out of it and be wasted by time the end credits roll.

However, it’s more passable because of the lack of padding and the lack of time wasted. Although that itself causes some issues with the characters who have no development beyond their names and roles. Don’t expect to care about their fate as there’s nothing to hold on to here.

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Does Mister Creep manage to at least elect some frights? Surprisingly, there are one or two moments where the tension is ratcheted up a nice notch and some of the footage has an atmospheric creepiness to it. Nothing to scream about but welcome in what is a mostly average found-footage horror movie.


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Mister Creep (2022)
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