Album Review: Foretoken – Triumphs (Prosthetic Records)

Virginia Beach, VA epic death metal duo Foretoken have returned and are poised to leave a grandiose mark on 2023 with their sophomore full-length, Triumphs, set for release via Prosthetic Records on March 17th, 2023.

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Having made quite a bit of noise with their debut album, 2020’s Ruin, Foretoken are back to continue down the path to domination. Triumphs is an apt title as it shows a band grasping what made people gravitate to them in the first place, and then expanding on it. Widening the mythos, deepening the soundscapes, being more daring when it comes to technicalities, and showcasing even more layers of talent. All while being methodically focused on delivering intense blasts of death-infused heaviness.

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Take a deep breath, it is needed. Foretoken begin Triumphs in frenetic, folkish, melodic, mind-melting style with the pounding Revenant of Valor. Before delving into wilder and extravagant locales with the monstrous Demon Queller and the ferocious sound of The Wraith That Weeps. Foretoken at their most immensely captivating sounding. Simply because of the layers on show. The first third of the album delivering brash and beastly epic death metal.

There’s no shift though as The Labors’ sees Foretoken deliver a frantic cacophony of riffs, drums, and growls. Capped off by an ass-kicking guitar solo. Followed then by the enigmatic heavy groove of Serpent Kings Venom and the wild savagery of His Riastrad. Two different takes on epic death metal that has malevolent mastery as the connecting tissue.

Taking their sound to even nastier depths and delivering a heinous instrumental showcase, Devil O’ the Sea is one of the most punishing tracks on the album. Its position as the penultimate original track proves to be a smart decision as it makes the following A Tyrant Rises as Titans Fall all the larger sounding. Not that this track needed the leg-up as Foretoken really stretch their muscles here. Showcasing a brilliant blend of melody and metal in style.

The album’s not quite over yet though as Foretoken choose to wrap things up with a cover. A cover of Naglfar’s I Am Vengeance. Breathing new life into the blackened soul of this track.

Foretoken – Triumphs Track Listing:

1. Revenant of Valor
2. Demon Queller
3. The Wraith That Weeps
4. The Labors
5. Serpent Kings Venom
6. His Riastrad
7. Devil O’ the Sea
8. A Tyrant Rises as Titans Fall
9. I Am Vengeance (Naglfar Cover)


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Foretoken - Triumphs (Prosthetic Records)
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