Horror Movie Review: Forget Me Not (2009)

Forget Me Not has a really interesting idea, what if all of your friends & loved ones were erased from time? They just disappeared & it was like they never existed, no-one could remember them…except you. That’s madness, right?

Forget Me Not takes that idea, lines up the shots & proceeds to knock every drink over. This is a terrible movie filled with scenes of utter nonsense & a completely unsatisfying payoff.

Forget Me Not 2

“Let’s do some f**king shots!”

Opening with a young girl running through a graveyard, she arrives home in tears to be greeted by her parents who want to know what’s wrong. She looks confused before saying, ‘I don’t remember’.

Many years later there’s a party at T.J’s (Sean Wing) house where the young girl from the beginning of the film is heading. Sandy (Carly Schroeder) & her brother Eli (Cody Linley) meet up with the rest of their pals, talk utter rubbish, reveal themselves to be bland & boring people before heading off to a graveyard to play a game.

Forget Me Not 3

Yes, this is exactly what happens…

The game is a form of ‘tag’ where one person is the ghost & the rest have to hide. When they are found & touched they also become a ghost with the last person being the winner. Before they can get started they are joined by a strange girl who asks to play, which they agree too.

It’s a spooky idea especially as it’s played in a graveyard however it’s just an excuse for the movie to throw a jump scare or two out. The new girl ends up winning & on the edge of a cliff asks Sandy if she remembers her. Sandy doesn’t & the girl falls backwards off the cliff causing panic but when the police arrive no body is found.

Forget Me Not 4

Naturally no-one believes her because that’s the sort of thing someone would makes up. *sigh*

Over the next few days each of Sandy’s friends are picked off by a ghostly figure & once they are gone no-one but Sandy remembers them. They may as well have not existed however the movie’s way to approach this is so poorly done it is actually infuriating.

Forget Me Not 5

Take the erasure of T.J as an example. After being killed, his girlfriend has sex with the cashier of a store allowing the rest to steal booze & food (our lovely cast, ladies & gentlemen). Sandy, furious with Lex’s behaviour because she is dating T.J demands to know what she is doing. Lex, obviously having no memory of T.J, laughs it off & even says things like “who the fuck is T.J?”

Rather then say something like “your boyfriend, T.J?”, Sandy just folds her arms & makes a face presuming Lex is just being a bitch. That makes no sense! Lex is so dismissive & no-one else says anything, you wouldn’t just leave it there & continue a road trip!

Forget Me Not 6

It’s done so the reveal doesn’t happen too soon but comes across so contrived & forced that once things do begin to fall into place it’s far too late to take Forget Me Not seriously. It’s borderline insulting how stupid this movie thinks the viewer is.

By time it’s revealed just what is going on & who is to blame, you won’t care one bit. It’s a waste of a decent idea & nothing can redeem it once the ‘forgetting’ actually happens.

Forget Me Not 7


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