Album Review: As I May – Speak No Evil (Self Released)

The latest album, Speak No Evil from Finnish metalcore mob, As I May is out now!

As I May 1

Metalcore seems to have replaced Nu-Metal as the dirty word in heavy metal. A heavy influx of bands all playing the same style of meaty riffs, obvious breakdowns, melodic drops & clean vs harsh vocals meant even the bands doing it well were lost in the shuffle.

Finding a great metalcore band is as hard as finding a great found-footage horror movie, eventually you just give up. Now that it’s not such a desirable style of music to play though, the cream of the sub-genre is beginning to rise to the top. Bands such as As I May.

Racing out of the blocks with the exciting Lost & Found, it would be easy to dismiss As I May as just another pretender to the metalcore crown but as the album goes on it becomes clear these guys are pretty special.

Stage of Fools fantastic layered vocals & upbeat riffing sound amazing. It’s a real early feel good moment & it stands out for all the right reasons. The chorus is so damn catchy, a serious devil horn throwing moment.

The quality continues with the well structured Fight Forever (even if the cleaner vocals sound a little too M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold for my liking) & Nothing Lasts Forever, an aggressive beat with some really good sounding clean vocals.

The heavy beat of Disease is a particular high-point. It’s infectious groove gets under the skin & you’ll find yourself nodding along without even realising it.

There are few moments that fall a little flat though. Wrong Side of Heaven is forgettable & No Way Back (the final song) attempt at being catchy doesn’t hit fully.

Devastating riffs & hooks with a nice layer of groove running throughout. Speak No Evil is a blast of a record that doesn’t threaten to upset the metalcore apple cart but certainly makes it wobble a fair bit.

As I May 2

As I May – Speak No Evil Full Track Listing:

1. Lost & Found
2. Ready to Meet Your Maker
3. Stage of Fools
4. Fight Forever
5. Wrong Side of Heaven
6. Nothing Lasts Forever
7. Disease
8. No Way Back

You can pick up Speak No Evil via most major streaming services including Spotify & Apple Music below. Find out about As I May over on Facebook, Twitter & check out some of their music out on YouTube.


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As I May - Speak No Evil (Self Released)
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