Horror Movie Review: Jessicka Rabid (2010)

Jessicka Rabid is grimy & gritty horror about an inbred girl who is treated like a dog by her abusive, incestuous family. She contracts rabies from a dog bite & turns on her abusers.

Written & directed by Matthew Reel, it’s not really a surprise that Troma Entertainment picked it up for distribution considering how low budget it is. What is a surprise is just how filthy a movie it is. There is little to feel good about here, it’s an uncomfortable watch & even the eventual resolution doesn’t sit well.

Jessicka Rabid 1

This is a movie that few will really enjoy.

Jessicka (Elske McCain) lives with her cousins Marley (Trent Haaga) and Brad (Jeff Sisson). The two men subject her to regular beatings, enjoy raping her & pimp her out to a porn director. When they’re not being absolute scumbags they keep her locked up in a cage, treating her like a pet dog.

Jessicka Rabid 2

Jessicka is mentally challenged so does everything her captors want. When another member of the family arrives to stay, Abby (Cisiany Olivar) Jessicka bonds with her. Her trust is betrayed though as Abby is no better, forcing the poor woman to have sex with her too.

When Jessicka is bitten by a rabid dog, the disease slowly affects her mind turning her violent resulting in a bloody final third.

Jessicka Rabid 3

The only really enjoyable thing about Jessicka Rabid are the performances. Elske McCain does a good job & her character is very sympathetic while the others are such vile people that you can’t help but hate them. Any act of kindness is quickly followed by some form of abuse & credit to the actors for making it so believable.

Jessicka Rabid 4

Visually the movie fits the tone, it’s extremely cheap looking but considering the white trash story, it works. It’s such an unsettling watch though & you’ll not come away feeling anything but despondency.

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Jessicka Rabid
  • The Final Score - 4/10
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