Horror Movie Review: Female Zombie Riot (2016)

Way back on February 1st, 2014 we posted a review for a horror movie called ‘Zombie Women of Satan’. Released in 2009, it gave us cults, zombies, boobs and the foul-mouthed sexual deviant Pervo the Clown. It was absolutely awful. You can read our review here.

So why am I talking about Zombie Women of Satan when this movie is called Female Zombie Riot? Well it goes under another name. That name is Zombie Women of Satan 2! Yes, they finally did it in 2016 and released a sequel.

It promises to be bigger, better and boobier. It manages just one of three, can you guess which one?

Female Zombie Riot 2

The events of the first film have been made into a movie called Zombie Women of Satan and old Pervo (Warren Speed again) hasn’t quite had the career he’d hoped for. Even more vulgar and obnoxious then before, Pervo’s star is fading as shown when he takes part in a low-rent talk show where he amusingly references the dumb title of the original.

It’s over. It’s done. His name is pretty much garbage. He owes money to loan-sharks, no one will shag him and the remaining family members of the cult from the first film are out to kill him.

Not that Pervo is aware of the threat to his life. So, when he meets the wacky Bertie Dumble (Pete Bennett) who offers to throw a party in his honour, Pervo’s ego takes over. The promise of lots of women, booze and drugs is too much for him to resist.

Female Zombie Riot 5

However, this is all a plan by Bertie and his lover, Octavia to take Pervo out once and for all by turning all the women at the party into zombie women of Satan!

It’s a Female Zombie Riot! Only Pervo the Clown can stop the nefarious plans of Bertie and Octavia and if he’s lucky he might get a shag out of it.

Female Zombie Riot 3

Let’s not pretend this is going to be a review that breaks down the quality of Female Zombie Riot. If you’ve seen Zombie Women of Satan you know what you’re getting here. Even if you’ve not, the synopsis should be more than enough to convince you of the low-budget/low-quality of the movie.

It’s rubbish. It looks awful, is acted poorly and is nowhere as funny as it thinks it is.

Female Zombie Riot 4

However, it is mildly entertaining at times and dare I say it? Pervo is kind of endearing here. Sure, he’s an annoying sexed up prick a lot of the time but he’s supposed to be. Warren Speed (also co-wrote and co-directed the movie) impresses especially during a later scene when his feelings are hurt by someone he cares about.

If you’re watching Female Zombie Riot for a competent story, go elsewhere as it is nonsense. Maybe you’re watching Female Zombie Riot for the gore? It’s not as over-loaded as you would hope. However, if you’re watching Female Zombie Riot for boobs well, you’ll be very happy as there are a lot of boobs in this film. They promised it would be boobier and they do not scrimp on that.

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Female Zombie Riot
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