Horror Movie Review: Dig Two Graves (2017)

Dig Two Graves is an independent horror-thriller film that was written and directed by Hunter Adams. It debuted at New Orleans Film Festival in 2014 and eventually released on demand in 2017. During its initial film festival run, Dig Two Graves won a number of awards.

In the 1940s, Deputy Waterhouse and Sheriff Proctor drive to a nearby quarry with two bodies stowed in their truck. Waterhouse takes a necklace off one of the bodies and they dump the two corpses into the water. Waterhouse then holds Proctor at gunpoint and demands he get rid of his badge, telling Proctor that he’s no longer fit to be sheriff. Proctor throws his badge over the cliff.

Now the 1970s, Jake & her brother Sean head to the quarry. The pair make a pact to jump into the water below. However, Sean jumps but Jake becomes scared and let’s go of his hand at the last second. Jake watches as her brother plunges into the water below but doesn’t resurface. Deputy Freeman informs Waterhouse, now the sheriff that his grandson has drowned in the quarry.

Jake falls into a depression. A boy at school named Willie has a crush on her, much to the disapproval of his grandfather who just so happens to be Procter. Some months later, Jake’s parents tell her they’re going to have a baby which angers her. The next day, Jake runs into three gypsy brothers led by Wyeth. Wyeth tells her he has the power to bring her brother back but someone will have to die in his place. The brothers take her back to their cabin on Proctor’s property and make a blood oath with Jake. They will bring her brother back if she pushes Willie Proctor over the quarry edge. She agrees.

Want to know what happens next? Check out Dig Two Graves to find out.

Dig Two Graves is a tragic, sombre and haunting tale about regret and revenge. It’s a very slow paced film and is far more thriller than horror. If you enjoy movies that have supernatural undertones and suspenseful moments throughout then look no further. It’s a well-acted film, Ted Levine does a wonderful job as you’d expect.

The story flashes between the past and present, giving you a few bread crumbs at a time. You’ll slowly piece things together and eventually discover the truth. I thought it was executed really well. Unfortunately, I felt there were far too many plot threads that were left unanswered. Certain aspects are not expanded upon in a satisfying manner or simply not explained at all.

Ultimately, I enjoyed Dig Two Graves. However, I don’t see it being too memorable. It sets up a lot of intriguing elements but doesn’t quite hit the heights that I had hoped it would.


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Dig Two Graves
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