Horror Movie Review: Creepozoids (1987)

The year is 1998, 6 years after an apocalyptic nuclear war has devastated the earth. In the ruins of Los Angeles, a group of US Army deserters are forced to take refuge from acidic rain. The 5 deserters end up in a seemingly deserted laboratory that turns out to be a secret government research facility.

Creepozoids 2

Some of the group want to leave but the acid rain is pouring down outside. They’re stuck so try to make the best of it such as having sex, sleeping & generally nosing about. It’s the latter of the three that lands the group in trouble when they discover a genetically-engineered monster is lurking inside.

Directed by David DeCoteau & starring the legendary scream queen, Linnea Quigley as well as Ken Abraham, Michael Aranda, Richard L. Hawkins, Ashlyn Gere & Joi Wilson. Creepozoids is unashamed in its attempt to rip off Alien (it has a very similar dinner scene amongst others) even though it falls flat on its face. A more ‘tongue in cheek’ approach to an alien based horror, the biggest flaw in Creepozoids is just how lacklustre the story is.

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We have this post-apocalyptic world, a war that destroyed the earth & it’s barely discussed. No expansion on it, just characters occasionally mentioning the rain & moaning about having to stay hidden because of their desertion.

To makes matters worse what occurs within the facilities walls is so bare bones a large portion of the film is characters just running back & forth. No-one tries in this, even Linnea Quigley seems to know just how bland the script is so puts in a half-hearted effort. Although unsurprisingly she does take her clothes off for a shower scene.

Creepozoids 5

The effects are horrible, this is as low budget as you can get. The alien is rubbery looking & lacks any semblance of actual threat. The most hilarious of the effects though is a giant rat that attacks some of the cast. This thing couldn’t possibly look anymore fake & the casts reaction to it makes the whole scene even worse. Are they scared? Or have they just realised their careers are over?

Creepozoids 4

Thankfully it’s quite short (70 minutes) & the finale is quite fun. Add in the cheesy score, some over the top gore & you could do a lot worse than spending just over an hour with Creepozoids. Just leave your brain at the door.

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