Horror Movie Review: Containment (2015)

Containment is a British horror that sees a group of residents quarantined inside a tower block suddenly. They don’t know why & any information they are able to get is vague & confusing. What they do know though is that a lot of people in hazmat suits are outside & leaving is not an option.

Containment is unfortunately a bit of a mess. A mess of vague plot points, frustrating characters & an unsatisfactory ending. Its British grittiness just doesn’t do much to excite or hold the interest. It’s all a bit ‘been here, seen it, got the random infection t-shirt’ before.

Containment 2

A lot of Containment’s issues relate to the lack of interesting characters. A big problem considering this is a movie that relies on them to hold it together. We have the lead, Mark (played by Lee Ross) who is just your everyday man, desperate to get to his child & wife outside. Although it is suggested early on that they’ve spilt up, that is about as much as you get regarding Mark & it hardly makes you want to cheer him on.

Then we have Andrew Leung as Sergei, an angry & bitter man who feels he’s owed something & not willing to wait. His character is the cause of a lot of the major conflicts that do occur but he never convinces as an actual threat.

Containment 3

Things do improve slightly when the residents trapped get hold of someone in a hazmat suit & hold them hostage. Unfortunately this just leads to lots more talking & shouting. Considering how little answers there are by time the credits roll, there sure is a lot of talking/angry exchanges.

Containment 4

The film does manage to create some tension. This when another group of residents get wind of the scientist being held hostage. Believing that she has a cure (some of them are getting sick) they become like wild animals desperate to get at her. This sequence is the highlight of a short movie. One that feels a lot longer because of how many times this idea has been done.

Containment 5

The acting is mostly solid throughout, not much to get excited about but hardly worthy of a complaint. It’s just a pity that this idea wasn’t better fleshed out & maybe not kept so vague. The ending is so flat that it actually harms the rest of the movie. It’s just a ‘wait, that’s it?’ moment.

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