Album Review: IAMSIN – Kings & Queens (Inverse Records)

Finnish band IAMSIN are set to release their debut album ‘Kings & Queens’ on December 15th 2017 via Inverse Records.


Think metalcore mixed with post-hardcore & what you have is IAMSIN, the love-child of Lamb of God, Devildriver & Rise Against. The title track, Sin City & What Dwells Within deliver crunching riffs, ferocious breakdowns, uplifting melodic choruses all with varying vocal styles that erupt at just the right time.

This is a seriously groovy, head-banging record filled with aggressive stomping moments that don’t feel jammed in. For example the cocking of a gun & air-raid siren that accompany Notorious just feels right amongst blasting metal riffs & hooks.

This is music that doesn’t stop bringing the circle pit heaviness, breakdown after breakdown pulling at that part of you that just wants to go wild. It has to be said that IAMSIN do a stellar job of keeping most tracks sounding fresh & interesting. The differing rhythms & the contrasting vocal approach do a lot to really make most standout. If there are any that just sort of meander along it’s around about the middle with My Pride & One by One lacking impact.

Things pick up nicely though for Raven’s Blood & Sleepless. The latter in particular really goes for the jugular with a hefty slice of groove-orientated metal. A damn fine album closes with a bang. Dismantle the Throne confirming the excellence on show.


IAMSIN – Kings & Queens Full Track Listing:

1. Kings & Queens
2. Sin City
3. What Dwells Within
4. Notorious
5. Numb
6. Don’t Wake Me Up
7. Colours
8. My Pride
9. One by One
10. Raven’s Blood
11. Sleepless
12. Dismantle the Throne

You can find out more about IAMSIN on their website, Facebook Page, Twitter & Instagram. Pick up the album over on Inverse Records store.

IAMSIN - Kings & Queens (Inverse Records)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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