Live Review: Sikth/Devil Sold His Soul/Press De Meco at The KOKO, London (08/12/17)

Unfortunately on stage at the ungodly time of 6:15pm because of a club night at the KOKO later. Press De Meco are filled with so much energy that even those waiting to get a beer at the back are nodding their heads along. Playing a really upbeat style of alternative rock, the three-piece absolutely kill it onstage clearly making a whole bunch of new fans along the way. I think everyone would have been happy for them to keep playing past their 30 minutes of allotted time.

Sikth 2

From the roar of the crowd as Devil Sold His Soul, a lot of people in attendance are here to see the metalcore mob. The KOKO is looking a lot fuller & the energy on stage is addictive watching. That being said, they get off to a rocky start. It’s heavy, it’s intense but it’s nothing that hasn’t been done before. Thankfully though, the band settle into a more comfortable groove. Things do really improve & by time their short set ends, the melodic bounce & dual vocalists has really made an impact.

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It’s a bit of a surprise that London is the only show to be getting the full run-through of the band’s second album, Death of a Dead Day. Truth be told, it’s a bit disappointing to only get two tracks from their new album. Especially as we thought very highly of The Future in Whose Eyes? (Read our review here).

Still, the packed venue erupts as they take to the stage & blast out Philistine Philosophies. There isn’t a person inside the KOKO not losing their mind to the unrelenting progressive heaviness & the band look so comfortable on stage.

Sikth 4

It’s a nice surprise that Sikth don’t choose to just knock out the entire ‘Death of a Dead Day’ album the moment they arrive. Instead the first 6 songs are a mix of old and new. Stuff that shows just how far the band have come. The new songs, The Aura & Golden Cufflinks are the highlights though. These songs get the body moving & the head-banging. An absolute treat.

The rest of the set is Death of a Dead Day in full. Always a big ask of any band as there is likely to be the odd song that just falls flat.

Sikth 5

These are few here though. Thanks to the incredible sound of the KOKO and the unrelenting show that Sikth put on. By time we’ve hit the encore of the final two tracks everyone, including the band, look exhausted. It’s been a hell of a show.


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Sikth/Devil Sold His Soul/Press De Meco at The KOKO, London (08/12/17)
  • Sikth - 8.5/10
  • Devil Sold His Soul - 6/10
  • Press De Meco - 9/10
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