Horror Movie Review: Blood Nasty (1989)

One of those rare 80’s horrors, finding a quality copy of this film is near impossible. You’re likely going to have to settle for a poor VHS rip. Which really doesn’t help when the movie is already ultra-low-budget.

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Luis Orlando (Richard Rifkin) aka Blade aka The Butcher from Bogata was a serial killer, now dead and buried. Three people; Roy (Todd McCammon), Mona (Karen Russell) and Felipe (Jamie Jones) have decided to dig him up so they can rob his body. Once they’ve helped themselves to the dead killer’s ring, Mona and Felipe turn on Roy. They kill him and bury him in the grave alongside Orlando.

On their flight out of there, Mona and Felipe die when the plane explodes… right above the graveyard. Raining debris and most importantly, the ring onto the grave Orlando and Roy are buried in. Yes, it really is that absurd but you’ve not seen anything yet as this apparently resurrects him.

At Roy’s home, his mother (Catherine McGuinness) and sister (Allison Barron) are told of his death in the plane crash (he was presumed to be on it). They are distraught, at least until they discover his credit card is going to pay out $350,000 dollars to the family.

With the money, the ‘grieving’ family move into a new home and celebrate their good fortune. Or at least Roy’s mother does, his sister is heartbroken and blames herself as she had asked Roy to come home.

No bother, as Roy is back with a steel pole lodged in his chest. His sister is overjoyed to see him, his mother not so much, as she is worried that she will have to give the money back. The plan is to hide Roy’s living existence but that gets harder when the psychic stripper Wanda (Linnea Quigley) turns up looking for her boyfriend, Luis Orlando. She had a vision that he was alive and tracked him to Roy’s whereabouts. She’s right too as it turns out that Roy isn’t the only one that came back in his body. Orlando did too and he is able to take possession of Roy’s body to met out cruel violence to those around him.

This is a bad film that thinks comedy is characters being obnoxious and down-right horrid. The one that stands out the most for both those is Roy’s mother. Constantly complaining about everything and in the film’s most disturbing scene, hears her daughter having sex and says this line:

Yeah, give it to her good, boy!

Bloody hell, that is awful and while the rest of the characters are terrible too, none reach her level.

The film is slow, painfully slow and shifts its tone so often, it becomes confusing. From slapstick behaviour to sudden sexual assaults and violence, to Quigley dressed like a cowgirl, topless of course. It is random scenes jammed together leading to a finale that had to be purposely made this bad because no-one in their right mind would think it was funny or clever.

All you’ll feel when the end credits roll is relief that it is over.


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Blood Nasty
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