Album Review: Flame, Dear Flame – Aegis (Eisenwald)

In the year 2017 in the north-central German city of Brunswick, the covenant of Flame, Dear Flame was invoked. Providing a staggering take on the most epic form of what can loosely be categorized as doom metal.

On their debut album “Aegis”, Flame, Dear Flame have erected a truly distinct sound. A work thematically divided into two parts. The first part, entitled “The Millennial Heartbeat”, details the genesis of the ocean and the thanatography of the land, a testimony of the forces of nature and its frailty alike, performed in three movements. Serving as a contrasting and complimentary second part of the album, “The Wolves and the Prioress” consists of four movements that detail the story of a feral child that falls into the custody of a sage prioress.

The three movements that make up The Millennial Heartbeat are all about Flame, Dear Flame’s ethereal doom heaviness and layered beauty. The instruments adding the sinking weight while the haunting vocals add the buoyancy. Perfectly balanced so you’re never feeling quite safe but you’re not drowning either.

It’s a stunning triple header that flow perfectly together and you’re instantly reminded of just how great this band is. Just how great they are at crafting heavyweight sounding doom with emotional depth. These three tracks would be more than enough alone to have this album ranking high amongst the best of this year but there’s so much more to come.

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Namely the four movements of The Wolves and the Prioress, where Flame, Dear Flame showcase a more mellow side of themselves. Where folkish melodies and acoustic rhythms meet fuzzy and buzzing doom for something that is truly relaxing. The vocals are so good, you could sleep peacefully to them. Every time you think Flame, Dear Flame have reached their apex, they up their game. It almost becomes laughable just how brilliant this album is.

You’ll be left thinking about it for days and weeks afterwards.

Flame, Dear Flame – Aegis Full Track Listing:

1. The Millennial Heartbeat Part I
2. The Millennial Heartbeat Part II
3. The Millennial Heartbeat Part III
4. The Wolves and the Prioress Part I
5. The Wolves and the Prioress Part II
6. The Wolves and the Prioress Part III
7. The Wolves and the Prioress Part IV


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Flame, Dear Flame - Aegis (Eisenwald)
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