Horror Movie Review: Amityville: Vanishing Point (2016)

Made on a budget of $1000, Amityville: Vanishing Point isn’t just the worst movie in the franchise/series so far but has the proud honour of being one of the worst movies ever made. For starters, finding a copy of this trash to watch is very difficult. Secondly after all the effort put in trying to find it, it’s gonna end up feeling like self-flagellation.

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Vanishing Point 2

Sitting through the 92 minutes of Amityville: Vanishing Point should be used as a form of corporal punishment. Forget describing the plot of this rubbish, this review is just going to be a couple of hundred words of me ranting about how utterly crap it is.

Vanishing Point 3

Up to this point there have been some bad Amityville movies. Many that just tack on the Amityville name as if there is some honour there. Amityville: Vanishing Point is one such movie having absolutely nothing to do with 112 Ocean Avenue or any of the events that occurred there, real or fake. It tries to play the whole ‘possession’ card but does it in the most contrived & tired way possible.

The movie plays out like a joke film made by college students. The plot is an incoherent mess thanks to terrible editing & even worse pacing. It’s a mind-numbing bore that confuses to the point where you just want to switch it off.

Vanishing Point 4

The cast are awful, every single one of them couldn’t act their way out of a wet cardboard box. Horrible dialogue, awkward sex scenes & possibly the most cringe-worthy strip tease ever put on film.

An incomplete mess that has some of the worst production values going. The super low budget is no excuse as we’ve seen far more competent film-making on similar budgets. It’s simple really, if you can’t make something decent with what you have…then don’t!

Vanishing Point 5

An ugly mess, there is no attention paid to lighting or framing but perhaps the worst thing is the sound mix. A hilariously inconsistent train wreck of muffled & echoing dialogue and over the top music.

There is DIY film-making & then there is Amityville: Vanishing Point. The franchise had already hit huge lows before but this has set the bar for what makes a bad movie.


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