GBHBL’s Top 10: Video Game Music (Part 3)

A quality video game soundtrack is much more pivotal to the overall experience than most people give it credit for. To me, the score can sometimes be even more memorable than any other aspect of a game. A lot of the time, the music will remind me of the scene in which it is used. I’ll hear the first few seconds and I’ll immediately be able to visualize the moment it was played. It is an extremely powerful tool, one that has been utilized to great effect over the years. This list is compiled of soundtracks that are not necessarily the greatest of all time. Also, some of them might not even spring to mind for some of you at all. In truth, I could easily write a list made up of 100 entries. You can check out the other 20 entries here & here.

10 – Silent Hill 2: Theme of Laura

Most of the soundtracks that appear on these lists can be considered underrated. However, anything that comes from Silent Hill 2 is anything but. There is a reason why this game is thought to have one of the finest soundtracks of all time. This is a fine example of why that is.

09 – Mass Effect 3: An End Once and For All

This takes me back to the excitement I felt during the anticipation leading up to the release of Mass Effect 3. Sure, the eventual game didn’t like up to those high expectations. However, it is still a very good game. The sombre tones of this track are filled with sadness of something that is coming to an end but there’s a hopefulness to it that really resonates.

08 – Life is Strange – Before the Storm: Main Menu

I really liked the first Life is Strange. Unfortunately, I hated this continuation. It was pure fan service but was severely lacking in terms of game play and the story was simply mundane. However, it has a fantastic soundtrack. This melodic track plays in the main menu, it’s wonderful.

07 – Far Cry 3 – Blood Dragon: Main Menu

That’s right, another main menu track. I’m a sucker for some synthesised 80s music and this is a really memorable one from a fun game.

06 – Bioshock Infinite: Lighter Than Air

This music plays when you first set your eyes upon the floating city of Colombia, truly breathtaking.

05 – Resident Evil 2 – Raccoon City Police Department: Main Hall

This is the music that I think of when I reminisce about Resident Evil 2, one of my favourite games. It’s extremely atmospheric and has the ability to take me back to that time when I first heard it as you enter the police department with Leon.

04 – The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt: Priscilla’s Song

This isn’t the first piece of music from The Witcher 3 to appear on these lists and for good reason. The soundtrack for the game is tremendous to say the least. It would be easy to pick several pieces but I went with this one. I remember the scene in which it plays perfectly. I felt like I was sat right next to Geralt, silently watching on. For me, it was a moment when I truly knew that I was playing something special.

03 – Dust an Elysian Tail: The Glade

As a whole, this game has one of my favourite soundtracks ever. However, this piece of music is one of those that I think of when I remember my time with the game. In my opinion, it truly encapsulates the journey you got through with Dust and his trusty companion Fidget.

02 – Hue: With Compliments

There is a good chance that you’ve never even heard of the game Hue. Regardless, this piece of music is truly stunning.

01 – Ruiner: The End

I spoke about this track in my review for Ruiner and that’s because it’s simply exceptional. Seriously, put in some headphones and put this on full blast. I just can’t get this out of my head, it’s that good.


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