Games You Might Want To Try If You’re After Something New!

As much as horror is an all-time favorite of many gamers, sometimes you want a little something else to go alongside. Whether it’s an added splash of survival, puzzle-solving, or you want to enjoy a little bit of gore without much effort into sitting down and enjoying some Amnesia or Resident Evil.

Here are five games that you might like the idea of that have horror elements but aren’t your mainstream horror games.

#1 Low effort mobile games- slots and spins

Trying slots and spins gives a similar thrill to a horror game without half as much effort. You can play games such as the Book of Dead wherever you are, meaning that it’s convenient entertainment as well as satisfying your ever-hungry horror kick. It can be a good way to get rid of the urge when you’re on break at work or even get into something that’s a little different.

#2 Mystery and atmosphere- Little Nightmares 

This is a fan favorite from the more indie titles. It’s a beautifully composed game with gorgeous graphics and atmosphere, as well as a mysterious plot and character design. If you enjoy jump scares and chases, as well as stealth and an ambiguous plot, you might find that Little Nightmares is a great game for you to try.

The game developers have recently developed Little Nightmares 2, which is far better than the first. To fully appreciate this game, however, it is probably best to complete the first one.

#3 Puzzle-solving- Portal

This one is a platform-based puzzle game with incredible world-building and plot. It’s an interesting take and can be very creepy at times and hold one or two jump scares. It’s not much of a horror game, but it can be great fun to play if you need a break or a wind-down from the darker and particularly scary games. Portal 2 is just as good, arguably better, but does not hold the same atmosphere but remains sinister.

#4 Multiple endings and plot-heavy- Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a game that many people have heard of. It has an amazing plot, gore, and glorious graphics. Done in the same style as Detroit: Become Human (another exceptional game for your list, but unfortunately not horror), it has an eerily realistic feel. It’s very intense, and there are many outcomes to the game, so the ‘replayability’ of this game is incredible. It also has incredible villains, which, let’s face it, is one of the best things about horror games.

#5 Survival-based- Subnautica

To put it plainly, Subnautica is the adult version of Minecraft that’s also primarily underwater. The atmosphere in this game is great, and you’re constantly being hunted by predators while hunting for materials to help you escape the ocean planet you’re on.

It has incredible world-building, and the appearance of this game is mind-blowing. A second, slightly more plot-heavy sequel has recently come out by the name of Subnautica: Below Zero, but it is not recommended that you play this before you finish the first.

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