Album Review: Lord Dying – Mysterium Tremendum (eOne)

“We set out to write a record about life, and it ended up being about death,” says Lord Dying guitarist/vocalist Erik Olson about the band’s third studio album Mysterium Tremendum.

Mysterium Tremendum is the record Olson and guitarist Chris Evans have wanted to make since the band’s inception. It’s easily Lord Dying’s most musically diverse album, but one that could only be made following the band’s jackhammer 2013 debut Summon the Faithless, and 2015’s brooding Poisoned Altars.

The album will be released on April 26th 2019 via eOne.

Lord Dying 2

At nearly an hour long, Mysterium Tremendum is an epic listen. One rooted in stoner/sludge hard rock and metal with a few surprises thrown in for good measure. It’s an album where even listening to it is likely to see a few hairs sprout on the chin such is the beardy heaviness of it all.

However, for all its deep riffing, stoner bass hooks and sludgy rhythms it is clean and clear a lot of the time. Less about fuzzed out guitars and more about fast-paced intensive playing. Opener, Envy the End is a grand example of the hyper riffing Lord Dying excel at. Whereas Nearing the End of Curling Worm really pushes the limits with a distinguished mix of crushing heaviness and soaring cleanliness.

The End of Experience then throws out a bit of a curve ball with a melodic ballad built around curling riffs and morose vocals. It increases in depth and heaviness as it goes on leading to a more impressive finish.

Continuing to showcase an interesting and varied sound, Exploring Inward (An Unwelcome Passenger) is 2 and a half minutes of winding guitars with an echo effect that gives it an other-worldly feel. It’s pretty damn amazing and even though it leads into an almost ‘post’ like finish, the impact isn’t lessened.

Lord Dying’s sound continues to get more and more expansive as Severed Forever, Freed from the Pressures of Time and the astoundingly detailed Split From A World Within, Devoid of Dreams, Death, The Final Loneliness. It’s utterly exhausting to try and keep up with just what Lord Dying deliver with these three tracks alone let alone the full album.

It’s an effort to get through but one that is worth it.


Lord Dying – Mysterium Tremendum Full Track Listing:

1. Envy the End
2. Tearing at the Fabric of Consciousness
3. Nearing the End of the Curling Worm
4. The End of Experience
5. Exploring Inward (An Unwelcome Passenger)
6. Severed Forever
7. Even the Darkness Went Away
8. Freed from the Pressures of Time
9. Lacerated Psyche
10. Split From A World Within, Devoid of Dreams, Death, The Final Loneliness
11. Saying Goodbye to Physical Form

The album will be available via all major streaming services. Earlier releases can be picked up via Bandcamp and more information found via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Lord Dying - Mysterium Tremendum (eOne)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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