EP Review: Video Nasty – Video Nasty (Petrichor)

Video Nasty is a thrash/death/speed metal project from Calgary/Vancouver, Canada started by Jordan Schritt. Jordan wanted to start a project which lyrically dealt with all of the 70’s/80’s/90’s slasher/horror movies he adored. This, combined with furious metal and some friends helping out, has made this project a reality. The self-titled EP will be released on June 18th, 2021 via Petrichor.

Not to be confused with the brilliant UK death metal band. Video Nasties. Video Nasty is a more thrash infused offering from Canada with lyrical content directly inspired by the horror movies that caused such moral panic in the 80s. While the list is a UK thing, the 72 films on it have been subjected to censorship and bans across the whole world. Some are still completely unavailable in certain countries/territories which has just made them even more infamous.

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You know how it goes… tell someone they can’t watch something as it’s objectionable and all they will want to do, is see it. We know, we’re currently working our way through the list on YouTube – review by review.

It’s no surprise that such content, censored for morality reasons, would inspire bands. Especially those within the metal spectrum – a genre of music that has had its own issues with the morality police over the decades.

Enter Video Nasty and the 7 tracks of horror that come forth on this EP. Beginning with the title track, where we hear dialogue from the confession scene in the underrated Exorcist III movie before it transitions into aggressive heavy metal noise. It’s a kick-ass opener but things are only getting started as Nightmare Beach and Castle Freak burn with infectiously aggressive thrash and death noise.

It’s the bubbling revulsion that rises in the throat or the shivers that run down the spine. Something that only gets worse with the heavy metal butchering that is Pieces and the squalid, frenzy of noise that is Black Christmas. It might make you go check your attic space again.

Get your pens and pencils out, it’s time for your Final Exam… one you may not survive. Video Nasty exemplifying the savage slaughter that takes place with bludgeoning heaviness. School is out forever indeed. Before Satan is called from below with the harshness of Antichrist.

A blast from beginning to end, what we have here is uncomplicated thrash/death horror-inspired metal. Nothing more, nothing less. Video Nasty certainly deliver on the promises of heavy head-banging and blood-letting.

Video Nasty – Video Nasty Full Track Listing:

1. Video Nasty
2. Nightmare Beach
3. Castle Freak
4. Pieces
5. Black Christmas
6. Final Exam
7. Antichrist


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Video Nasty - Video Nasty (Petrichor)
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