Game Review: Ultimate Jungle Simulator (Mobile)

Ultimate Jungle Simulator is simulation mobile game by Gluten Free Games. One where you get to live life as one of ten different species of jungle animals (once they’re all unlocked). You can play as a Tiger, Lemur, Frog, Gorilla, Macaw Parrot, Leopard, Panda, Sloth, Snake, and a Chimpanzee.

Jungle Simulator 2

Move around a 3D jungle hunting down food & raising your family all while maintaining your health, hunger, thirst, and energy. A simulator in every sense of the word, your animals level up as you do battle with others in the jungle. You can also gain experience points by looking after you family & by completing missions. These give points that can then be spent on improving attributes.

With ten different animals to switch between, there is a huge amount of content for players to enjoy. Provided they can get past the games glaring issues.

Jungle Simulator 3

Visually the game is sharp but ugly to look at. There is so much green and the water effects look terrible. The game suffers from serious clipping especially when you approach a tree or rock. It suffers from a lot of lag & the ragdoll physics of the enemies halt the simulation style every time prey proceeds to jerk around before sinking through the floor.

Jungle Simulator 4

The controls aren’t great & the way in which your animal moves just feels off, in particular jumping which is hilariously bad. That your animal can walk up walls, trees & steep rocks as if it is the ground really makes you question the ‘simulation’ part of the game.

Jungle Simulator 5

The screen is so busy with so many different options relating to controls taking up masses of space. The menus where attributes & animal info is kept does hide away but when open, the detail is very small meaning anyone with bad eyesight is going to really struggle to see what is written.

Gluten Free Games have tried to include so much here that it’s turned out to be too much. They could have simplified all of this for a much more streamlined experience. They deserve props for effort especially as it costs only 99 pence/99 cents with no in-app purchases or ads.

Jungle Simulator 6

Ultimate Jungle Simulator is a flawed experience but one that can at least be called value for money.

Ultimate Jungle Simulator
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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3.14 (22 votes)

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