Game Review: The Nun (Mobile – Free to Play)

The Nun is going to feel very familiar to anyone who has played the likes of Granny or Slender Man as it follows the exact same formulas. Played from the first person perspective, you control a student at the worst school ever. He must escape the horrific place and avoid being caught by the demonic Nun that roams the halls.

Nun 1

Of course it’s not as simple as running to the exit and walking out the door. No, it is locked and it’s up to you to find the solution by exploring the rest of the school.

No easy task as the unholy sister is around every corner (or so it seems) and should she see you, you better run and hide. Unless you can put some distance between you and the Nun, she will almost always get you.

Nun 2

The controls are the issue. Simple and pretty intuitive until you need to do something quick. Then it becomes a battle of trying to turn, look and open/hide. She doesn’t need to be right on top of you to bring an end to your game either.

There is tension though when she sees you as things get frantic. The pace of the music increases almost in time with your heartbeat and the screech she unleashes when she catches you is horrid sounding. At least it is the first time you hear it but unfortunately you’re going to be hearing it a hell of a lot as The Nun is a very difficult game.

Nun 4

Avoiding her is one aspect but as she’s always moving around you never really have time to think about the puzzles meaning a lot of trial and error has to come first. It’s borderline frustrating but with enough quality to keep you coming back for one more try.

It might be sorely lacking originality but The Nun rises above being mediocre by putting a bit more effort in. Even its ‘remove ads’ price is only £1.99 instead of the usual £2.99!


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The Nun
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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