Bloodstock 2018 – Band Feature/Interview: Ashborn

This year’s Bloodstock Festival is shaping up to be one of the best ever with a line-up that spans all genres of rock and metal. If you haven’t picked up your tickets yet, what are you waiting for!? Check out our five reasons why you should go there.

Ashborn formed in the second half of 2017 and are made up of musicians that have many years experience from previous bands such as Ghost, Grin & Dierevers. They started their adventure by going to the Initiate Audio and Media att the beginning of December 2017 to work with Neil Hudson where they recorded two tracks.

On the 10th March 2018, a week before their debut gig, they released a brand new lyric video for the song Every Word.

On the 17th March 2018, Ashborn then played their first headline gig in Northampton, & on the 3rd of May went through to heat 5 of the Metal 2 the Masses in Milton Keynes. This was followed two days later by headlining a show at the O2 institute in Birmingham.

They followed this up by playing in the Metal 2 the Masses semi-finals on the 18th May getting through to the finals which they won on the 26th May. The first time a Polish band has ever done this in England, they now have a slot at Blooodstock Festival 2018.

A heavy and full of energy metal band, they will make sure your ears and necks hurt after listening to their music!

You can find out more about Ashborn over on their Facebook Page.


1. Many congratulations on your Milton Keynes Metal to the Masses victory. You must be pretty excited to get up on that famous New Blood Stage and show everyone what Ashborn are about?

Yeah. We are so excited and we can’t wait to perform at the New blood stage. Festivals are great opportunity to promote our band.

2. How did you find the whole Metal to the Masses experience? You had some pretty tough competition.

M2TM was a good experience but personally I am not the biggest fan of battles between the bands but we really wanted to play at the Bloodstock Open Air and it was the only way to get there.

3. Do you plan to stay at Bloodstock for the whole weekend? If so, what band’s are you hoping to catch while you are there?

Yes, we are staying the whole weekend . Looking forward to see legends like Judas Priest, Cannibal corpse, Nightwish and Devil Driver and many bands on different stages. To many good bands to name them all.

4. Have you been to Bloodstock before as punters?

No. We haven’t been at BOA before . That’s why we are excited even more.

5. For anyone who doesn’t know you, what can we expect from Ashborn at a live performance? Why should they come and check you out?

We are bunch of lads that have metal in our blood . We love playing gigs and our shows are brutal, heavy and pure metal. No messing around. Lots of energy and headbanging. Yeaaah. Headbang!!!

6. Any news on when we can expect your debut album/EP?

We are planing to record a full length album at the beginning of the 2019.

7. What comes next for Ashborn? What are your plans for the rest of 2018/early 2019?

Ashborn will play a few gigs by the end of the 2018 but mostly we will concentrate on the new music. In 2019 when album is ready we will play as much gigs as possible. Also we will try to get into into big festivals in UK and different European countries. Hopefully we will see some of you in a mosh pit on front of the stage.


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