Bloodstock 2018 – Band Feature/Interview: Servers

This year’s Bloodstock Festival is shaping up to be one of the best ever with a line-up that spans all genres of rock and metal. If you haven’t picked up your tickets yet, what are you waiting for!? Check out our five reasons why you should go there.

SERVERS formed in South Yorkshire in 2012. Driven by a compulsion to delve into the minds of servers and the subservient nature of followers in cults and things beyond our realm.

Backed by Undergroove Records, Hobgoblin bands and Holdtight PR, SERVERS’ debut album ‘Leave With Us’ was released 2014 to critical acclaim.

Since the debut album release, SERVERS went on to conduct a number of gatherings where the transmissions are performed live at venues across the UK. The band then recorded their second album entitled ‘Everything is OK’ in 2015, which was released in August 2016.

Throughout 2018 SERVERS have been busy recording their 3rd album, which will be released later this year!

The mind has an unhealthy obsession and desire to know more than it does today, all SERVERS’ reference material is archived here where you can receive your own server number. This will be more important as the days progress, as the world falls into line and becomes servers.

Check out SERVERS’ website here where you can also pick up their releases and merchandise. Support them by liking their Facebook Page and following them on Twitter. As well as the Apple Music/YouTube links you can stream their music via Spotify, Deezer and pick up releases via Amazon below.

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1. Congratulations on getting invited to Bloodstock.How are you feeling about getting up on to that famous New Blood Stage?

We are really excited to get the opportunity to play the famous ‘New Blood Stage’ at Bloodstock and we are really thankful to the organisers and Hobgoblin for getting us the slot at the festival. Its one of those gigs these days that all bands of our genre aspire to play at and having the opportunity is really something we are looking forward to.

2. Have you been to Bloodstock before either as a band or as punters?

I personally (server #002) have not been to Bloodstock before, so i am really looking forward to experiencing the festival. But our new drummer Si has played Bloodstock before with his previous band “Black Spiders” back in 2010, he also got a tattoo at the festival to commemorate the occasion so he has the rest of us excited to play as he said its such a great festival.

3. Do you plan to stay at Bloodstock for the whole weekend? If so, what band’s are you hoping to catch while you are there?

Most of the band will be in attendance at the festival for the entire 3 days, Its brilliant that a festival caters to this side of the metal Genre so well and is not loaded with the more commercial elements you see at some so called metal festivals these days. i think personally i will be looking forward to seeing quite a few bands, some of which i would say are Judas Priest, (i mean who wouldn’t!), Feed the Rhino as they always put on an insane gig and are a fellow Hobgoblin music band like ourselves, Alestorm are great and you can’t go wrong with Gojira!

I saw them a couple year back and they are just incredible live! i struggle to find a tighter band…bleed from within, watain, venom, emperor, devil driver and at the gates will all be brilliant… but the best thing for me about festivals is finding some new bands you have never heard of, there is nothing better than being blown away by an unknown band, so i will probably spend most of my time by the new blood stage to see whats up and coming.

4. For anyone who doesn’t know you, what can we expect from SERVERS at a live performance? Why should they come and check you out?

A SERVERS show is meant to be experienced, we like to add an element of mystic to the shows, our sets are usually dark in visual theme, and the focus is very much on creating that wall of noise and intensity with our music for the full 30 minutes, our set is continuous for 30 minutes, there are no gaps in play, something is always happening, although we have a specific image we live by it, its there to be more than just 4 guys up on stage playing some songs, we want people to leave feeling they have seen something different.

5. Your third album is due for release this year right? When do you expect it to be out? Will we get to hear some of it live at the festival?

Yes we are just finalising our 3rd album in the studio as we speak, we have been hard at work on it for all of 2018 working with Treehouse Studios with Jim Pinder producing it. we are hoping to have it released by the end of this year either through Undergroove or another means. For us Bloodstock is a new opportunity to play to a new audience and a new phase for our band with Si joining us, so we intend to give plenty of new songs airtime at the festival in our set we will probably have about half the set as new songs which nobody will have heard before.

6. What comes next for Servers? Are you planning any tours in support of the new album in 2018/early 2019?

For us the next step is the album release, we will be intending to have a full schedule of shows when we have more news on the release, then into 2019 we are hopeful of securing some high profile shows in support of the album and see what opportunities arise from there.


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