Game Review: Slap and Run (Mobile – Free to Play)

It’s no secret that we’re not the biggest fan of developer and publisher Voodoo. The company is one of the spammiest free to play companies on the market and barely a week seems to go by without them putting out yet another slap-dash offering that barely tries. That being said, they can be praised for always making sure their games work and every so often they deliver something that can be called enjoyable and addictive.

Which is exactly what Slap and Run is. A decent free to play offering that is fun to play and surprisingly addictive. Even when you consider that it is just another ‘skin-job’ and has an obnoxious level of ad-spam.

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Coming from Stone Axe and Voodoo, Slap and Run has you moving your ‘putty’ style character down a path while slapping everyone you come across. Direct your character into their path and they will automatically reach out and ragdoll the unsuspecting AI. The more you slap, the faster you will go. Something that is necessary as those who have been slapped, get back up and start chasing you. Should they catch you, it is game over. Although you can hold them at bay by activating traps and/or leading them into obstacles.

The chase aspect of this game is one of its strongest points as it adds some extra tension as you see the crowd slowly gain on you. That being said, it’s not exactly difficult to escape their grasp and across 20 levels, we were never caught.

The goal is to cross the finish line, get into the safe area and then dropkick the last AI character on to the bonus tiles. The further they fly, the higher the coin multiplier will be. Earn coins that can then be spent on increasing your stats, unlocking different colour skins or outfits. All welcome inclusions that add some minor longevity to the experience.

All of this, the general fun time that can be had and addictive quality means this is a game that will do more than wile away a train journey. You’re not going to get hours and hours of play out of it but it offers far more than most. Especially as once you reach a certain level, survival mode is unlocked which offers a new way to play.

However, we have to mention the most off-putting thing about the game and the thing likely to drive most to delete it after a short while. It is, of course, the ad-spam. It’s no surprise that the game is packed with them, a lengthy ad popping up after every single level. Worse than that though is that in survival mode, ads pop up every so often interfering in gameplay. Though the actual worst thing is that you can not do the ‘turn off wi-fi’ trick to play the game with no ads. Yes, this game apparently requires an internet connection to play and will not allow you to continue without it being on.

So, be prepared to be assaulted by ads unless you fork out £2.49 to remove them. Is it worth it? For once we’re almost comfortable saying that it is. Except the game is too much of a carbon copy of so many others to warrant spending any money on. If, like us, you find it quite enjoyable and addictive then you might think £2.49 is fair. We’re not so sure but can at least praise the game for being a far better experience than most.


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Slap and Run (Mobile - Free to Play)
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