Album Review: Absolva – Fire In The Sky (Rocksector Records)

With songs about alcohol and drug problems, and the familiar effects of the global pandemic, Absolva get serious with their forthcoming album release. ‘Fire in the Sky’ due out on Rocksector Records on the 18th of February 2022.

Frontman Christopher Appleton expands:

Absolva is usually known for the positive themes in our lyrics, yet this time we’ve been drawn toward some darker issues. The pandemic was a rough ride for most people and I personally found it difficult to take, with a mix of effects on my life. Like so many people we suffered the pain of losing a very good friend to the virus and then more generally the negative effects on our music industry as a whole were obviously really bad.

The thing about Absolva is that covering more serious topics and expressing their thoughts and feelings doesn’t mean they won’t have an album of heavy metal and rock bangers. Music that you can groove too, music you can dance too, music you can head-bang too and feel better listening too.

That is exactly what we get here on Fire in the Sky. A ten-track banger that features heavier subject matter but is still wrapped up with fist-pumping energy and hair-raising riffs and solos.

From the moment Demon Tormentor comes along, the adrenaline is pumping. A peppy start with a massive sounding chorus. Following that we get Burn Inside and Addiction. The former is a wicked slab of old-school head-banging glory with a horn-throwing guitar solo to boot. Whereas the latter tackles the subject of alcohol and drug addiction with thumping and respectful aplomb. Where an imposing chorus meets a moodier tempo and the guitars positively soar.

Though never forget that Absolva also excel at mellower and ballad-esque rock numbers too as What Does God Know? proves.

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Kicking ass with a powerful and uplifting message, Stand Your Ground has chunky riffs that might make you gurn a bit. The title track then has Absolva screaming out of the heavy metal graveyard with a belly full of fire. Before Man for All Seasons brings forth a bevy of chunky riffs, power-driven vocals and a chuggy rhythm that sits so comfortably in the head.

It’s a very strong release from Absolva, a band you can trust when it comes to memorable metal and rock tunes. Any more convincing that is needed comes in the form of the Gallόglaigh. Irish for… gallbladder? That doesn’t seem right. Regardless, it’s a thumping battle-heavy track that gees the spirit up and encourages a plethora of fists to be raised in the air.

It’s back to a more serious tone with Historic Year as Absolva reflect on the global pandemic with their longest track on the album. Six minutes of thoughtful melody, energised rockiness and those unassailable Absolva riffs. Followed by the defiant head-banger that is Refuse to Die. A track that any and all heavy metal fans can get behind as its ‘never say die, keep on fighting’ message resonates loudly.

Absolva – Fire in the Sky Full Track Listing:

1. Demon Tormentor
2. Burn Inside
3. Addiction
4. What Does God Know?
5. Stand Your Ground
6. Fire In the Sky
7. Man For All Seasons
8. Gallόglaigh
9. Historic Year
10. Refuse to Die


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Absolva - Fire In The Sky (Rocksector Records)
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