Album Review: Glasya – Attarghan (Scarlet Records)

Glasya describes themselves as a “Soundtrack Metal band” – being inspired by the colourful soundtrack LPs of the 60’s and 70’s, where small audio passages from the movie were included on the album to take the listener to that singular moment where the music appeared and, with so, make him remember the story after seeing it in the movie theatre. In other words, their main purpose is to tell stories and give the fans the perfect soundtrack to be involved in!

Today, Glasya takes a step forward in this storytelling mission and introduces us to Attarghan’s history – a former army commander, turned to a rebel, who drives the uprising of the people colonized by an unhistorical pre-Persian Empire and became the main opposing force against it.

‘Attarghan’ consists of 15 distinctive tracks that flow along as the story evolves: each one expresses the feeling of a specific moment and arouses the imagination to that certain time and space.

It will be released on February 18th, 2022 via Scarlet Records.

It doesn’t get more ‘storytelling’ then this. What might seem par for the course, after all, storytelling in music is nothing new, proves itself to be a cinematic journey.

Starting with the spoken word and bombastic battle music of the title track. An introduction to the character of Attarghan and his wars. That then leads into From Enemy to Hero, where the story takes on a deeper and richer meaning thanks to hair-raising heavy metal power that exudes from it.

With chest-thumping and fist-pumping symphonic grandeur; Way to Victory, Retaliation and First Taste of Freedom keep the glorious uprising front and centre. The sense of being part of a glorious tale is immense, helped by occasional spoken word segments that help explain where we’re at in the story. Of these three tracks though, watch out for the latter as it is simply a spectacle. Uplifting melody, powerful operatic vocals and one hell of a guitar solo.

Both Journey to Akhbar and Queen’s Temptation have a ‘middle-eastern’ vibe that adds some variety while still being rooted in Glasya’s massive symphonic metal style. The latter details a meeting between Attarghan as he tries to gain allies.

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Attarghan is given a choice, to take part in a Battle for Trust. A fight he will win and displayed by a ripping and roaring power metal tune. Trust earned, Glasya then turn their attention to The Sound of 10,000 Feet Marching. Where a pounding rhythm creates the imagery of an impending battle to end all battles.

Within the Sandstorm and We Weren’t Meant to Be sees Glasya continue to delight with a pair of impressive symphonic offerings. The latter is melodrama like no other. Before the story reaches its gripping conclusion with Attarghan delivering an epic speech on At the Empire’s Gate before Eye to Eye, Sword to Sword comes along. Here, the Emperor’s madness is heard in all its glory and Attarghan goes one on one with him to bring an end to his rule once and for all.

He succeeds and A New Era Has Come and with it a sense of celebration. The bombastic brilliance comes to an end but not before Attarghan, many years later, reflects on the story told.

What a stunning release this. One where you live the story and feel as much a part of it as Glasya do. That the story is told with such epic symphonic metal is all the better and there are so many moments where you will just marvel at what has been accomplished here. The symphonic metal bar for 2022 has been set and it’s going to be one hell of a tough one to beat.

Glasya – Attarghan Full Tack Listing:

1. Attarghan
2. From Enemy to Hero
3. Way to Victory
4. Retaliation
5. First Taste of Freedom
6. Journey to Akhbar
7. Queen’s Temptation
8. Battle for Trust
9. The Sound Of 10,000 Feet Marching
10. Within the Sandstorm
11. We Weren’t Meant to Be
12. At the Empire’s Gate
13. Eye to Eye, Sword to Sword
14. A New Era Has Come
15. The Legend Lives On


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