Game Review: Skiddy Car (Mobile – Free to Play)

Skiddy Car tests your patience. Not with challenging gameplay but with ads. It tests your patience to see just how long it will take for you to uninstall the game. It won’t take long at all.

No-one would begrudge a free to play game having ads. They have to make money being free and provided there is enough depth to the gameplay, it’s a fair trade especially if it lacks in-app purchases or they are unreasonably priced. However, when you’re hit with ad after ad, meaning you spend more time watching and waiting to skip them then things have gone too far.

That is exactly what Skiddy Car does. Takes things way to far and even simple, one touch gameplay can’t save it.

Skiddy Car 2

Tap to turn right and release to go left drifting your way to the finish line. That’s all there is to the game with more and more challenging levels the further you make it. To try and add more depth to its bare gamplay you can unlock many different car variations although they are just skins. These can be bought with in-game coins that you collect and earn but a few are locked behind ads and a few have real money prices that are simply laughable.

Skiddy Car 3

Seriously, one car costs £3.99, another £4.99 and another £6.99. All that money for a different looking car. This isn’t Forza Horizon 4. How the developer thinks anyone will pay this shows how detached from reality these free to play creators are. As well as showing just how greedy they are too. That’s not the only place you can spend your money though. Want to remove ads? That will cost you £2.99. How about a new background? Prices range from £1.99 to £4.99 although again some of these can be unlocked using in-game coins.

Optional purchases, yes but the game is littered with these and when it has such little enjoyment from the actual gameplay what is the point!?

Skiddy Car 4

Without question the worst thing is the subscription option, something that has begun to crop up more and more. Here you can spend $5.49 a week for some ‘VIP’ cars and additional bonuses. You would have to have money to burn to ever consider this madness.

The laziness and greed of the free to play market is making it harder and harder to enjoy these kinds of games and Skiddy Car is one of the worst culprits. While the in-app purchases can be ignored, the constant ad assault, repetitive gameplay and lack of replay value (after 10 minutes) can’t be.

Skiddy Car
  • The Final Score - 2/10
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