Horror Movie Review: President Evil (2018)

If you don’t want strong political views in your horror movies, no matter how tongue in cheek they are then President Evil is not going to be a movie for you. The same goes if you’re a staunch Donald Trump supporter. This film has little issue with poking fun at the President of the US, his administrative team and his supporters.

For many Americans President Trump is a monster already. Richard Lowry and his co-writer Gregory P. Wolk have taken this idea and turned the POTUS into an actual monster. President Evil is a horror comedy that parodies Halloween.

President Evil 2

The movie opens in the 80s where we meet the young boy David. His mother was a porn-star and his father an unnamed real estate billionaire (I wonder who it could be?). One night while witnessing his mother and her lover together, David dons a Ronald Regan mask, grabs a knife and kills them both.

This intro mimics the Halloween intro perfectly. From the first-person perspective to the closing shot of unmasked David in the street.

President Evil 5

The boy is caught and locked away until modern times when he escapes and heads back to his hometown of Libertybelle. His arrival coincides with President Trumps ‘state of the union’ address, something that Lana (Sitara Attaie) wants to watch with her friends. A Muslim, Mexican and Haitian together on Halloween. It’s them the Trump wearing masked killer chooses to target for his killing spree.

Truth be told, those involved probably had way more fun making this movie then most will have watching it. Regardless of your political leanings, President Trump is neither funny or horrific. The former attempts scrap the barrel of Trump related comedy. He’s an idiot and anyone that supports him is one too. It’s hardly inspiring stuff although it might get the odd chuckle. Such as Trump declaring that all Mexicans are born mountain climbers which is later proven to be true.

President Evil 4

The latter, the horror misses the mark too with its standard slasher vibes and fake outs. Little in the way of gore, it’s mostly David dressed in a business suit with Trump red tie, wearing a Trump rubber mask and an awful Trump toupee stalking his victims.

President Evil 6

Unfortunately, many of the political references already feel dated and this isn’t going to age well at all. A bit too on the nose at times with its Halloween parodying, the rest of the movie often just feels lazy and even decent acting can’t turn this into gold.


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President Evil
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