Game Review: Roof Rails (Mobile – Free to Play)

Oh man, is this game stupidly addictive.

Roof Rails, from prolific/spammers Voodoo, is a super simple runner where your aim is to make it to the end of the course by building up your ‘bar’ so you can ride the rails and make it to the end. The difficulty comes from having to avoid obstacles that will shorten your bar meaning you’re more likely to not be able to make past the next set of rails.

It’s very simple to play, exactly the kind of free to play game you would expect from Voodoo but it is easily one of their most addictive games. It’s not that it’s rewarding or filled with tons of variety, it’s just the simplicity of it all makes an easy case for just ‘one more go’.

It’s very easy to lose an hour to this. Playing level after level, especially as there is increasing difficulties and challenges.

That being said, that’s all the time most will lose as once stopped, there’s no draw to go back to it. It’s a ‘right there and then’ kind of game and the lure of unlockables just isn’t enough. Especially as Roof Rails doesn’t exactly wow with what’s available to players. Skins bought with gems that are collected in-game/watching ads.

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Then of course, there is the usual. The ad spam and like all Voodoo games, you’ll quickly tire of being interrupted and either stick your device on airplane mode or just stop playing all together. As is also the norm, should you put your device on airplane mode, the game will do what it can to try and encourage you to not. The usual bonuses and extra skins that you need to watch an ad to unlock. In no way is it worth it, the spam is just too high. Not the worst offender but still an offender none the less.

If you can look past all of this (seriously – airplane mode) you’ll have some fun with this game. More fun than most free to play offerings and certainly more fun than most Voodoo offerings. Addictive and plays well, that’s a two big positives alone there.

Roof Rails (Mobile - Free to Play)
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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