Game Review: Quiet Christmas (Xbox One)

Another one of these mobile games that have snuck their way onto home consoles. Along with Santa in Search of Toys, Snowman Jump, Christmas Delivery and Santa’s Monster Shootout, it’s slim pickings on consoles. So, any and all Christmas/holiday themed games will get attention.

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However, unlike those listed above, Quiet Christmas is actually a good game. Except for the glaring issue of how much bang you get for your buck. To say this is a game that can be wrapped up in less than 10 minutes is not an understatement. On a second play-through (although there is no reason to play it more than once), it could easily be finished in less than 5 minutes.

Does that issue make it unworthy of attention? Well, yes but if you do decide to check this one out, you will find a sweet, festive and well-designed retro puzzle-adventure game.

Utilising bright and colourful retro-pixelated graphics and retro but festive sounds and music, Quiet Christmas looks the part. You take on the role of a teenage girl who just wants to go to bed on Christmas Eve but first must prepare the house for Santa’s arrival.

Some of your tasks include helping your mother finish the wrapping of presents. Helping your father fix the heating, replacing some broken Christmas tree lights and making some cookies to leave out for Santa.

It’s hardly taxing stuff and mostly involves going from one part of the house, finding the desired item and using it somewhere else. It’s about as deep as a rain puddle but is surprisingly cute and embodies the festive feel we want from Christmas and holiday themed games.

If it had just a bit more content. Just a bit more to do, something that extended the run-time to something acceptable, it would be a thorough recommendation. Sadly, that’s not the case and it ends up feeling like a lump of coal in your stocking.


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