Album Review: Apocalyptic Fear – Decayed Existence & Dawn of the Ritual (Awakening Records)

Canadian death metal band Apocalyptic Fear was founded in 1991. The band has released two demos, Decayed Existence and Dawn of the Ritual in 1992 and 1994. These two killer demos from the 90s will be officially reissued on a single CD by Awakening Records. The re-release includes a lot of unpublished band photos and liner notes. Dedicated to all maniacs obsessed with Old School Death Metal!

Dawn of the Ritual + Decayed Existence will be released on Awakening Records on December 25th 2020.

It’s fair to say you have to have something resembling an interest in old school death metal to find yourself excited by this release. The two early 90’s demos put together and re-released for a blood-thirsty audience, makes this a little slice of history. Especially as it’s likely few would have ever heard the original recordings.

Well, no more. Here they are, in their raw and uncultured glory. 10 tracks of violent and no-nonsense death metal with a clear level of professionalism that shows this band were no slouches back when grunge was ruling the world.

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Apocalyptic Fear’s dedication to their craft is clear to hear and well worth worshiping at the feet of. It’s incredibly traditional but not afraid to work in surprises here and there. Be it a classic metal high pitched scream, a dab of melody here or a blackened sprinkle there. Stuff that adds a small amount of variety and adds layers to what is unashamedly pure filth-ridden death metal at its fieriest.

Apocalyptic Fear – Decayed Existence and Dawn of the Ritual Full Track Listing:

1. Dawn of the Ritual
2. Mutilated by Sickness
3. Dying Age
4. The Execution
5. Mental Delirium
6. Drive Us to Hate
7. Psychic Death
8. Dimension of Emptiness
9. Intoxicated
10. Vampire’s Island




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Apocalyptic Fear - Decayed Existence & Dawn of the Ritual (Awakening Records)
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