Album Review: Venomous Concept – Politics Versus the Erection (Season of Mist)

If the state of today’s society is reflected in music, grindcore veterans Venomous Concept have returned to the stage with a fitting soundtrack. The band’s fourth full-length frontal assault, ‘Politics Versus The Erection’ manifests a no-nonsense and outspoken voice, resonating with the chaos that reigns over the world today. Out on August 28th 2020 via Season of Mist.

Like the growing nausea in your stomach that precedes a bad bout of vomiting, there is no doubt before Venomous Concept are even going that they leave you in a fetal position. Little can prepare you for the 13-track assault of savage grindcore that this band dish out. The vomit and bile streams from every orifice as these veterans deliver an album that sums up the world we live in today.

Outspoken? Absolutely but who would want it any other way? Venomous Concept are spitting fire and fury (maybe even a bit of blood) and all you can do is grip the edge of the toilet bowl and wait for it to end. Like the very best kind of grindcore, Politics Versus the Erection leaves you feeling utterly spent and completely filthy.

A collection of short and very sharp slices of aggression, you know what you’re getting with this sort of album. Venomous Concept rarely surprise (although there are a few moments where they do) but that’s no complaint. It’s grindcore, no frills and liable to leave you in a pool of sweat and vomit.

Venomous Concept – Politics Versus the Erection Full Track Listing:

1. Simian Flu
2. Hole in the Ground
3. Eliminate
4. Lemonade
5. Colossal Failure
6. Promise
7. Septic Mind
8. Dementia Degeneration
9. Carrion
10. Broken Teeth
11. Shadows
12. Mantis Toboggan
13. Politics Versus the Erection


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Venomous Concept - Politics Versus the Erection (Season of Mist)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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