Game Review: OverTake (Mobile – Free to Play)

Overtaking has never been more fun!

The words of developer Kwalee, not me. I mean has overtaking ever been fun? Well, according to OverTake it’s so much fun it’s worthy of being a game. A free to play game which spams you with ads to the point of being unplayable.

The one rule of the game is to avoid head on crashes with cars. Simply hold your thumb down to overtake and let go to get back in lane. Get to the end of the level to be rewarded with coins and spend them on buying new cars.

There’s a bevy of cars to buy so plenty for returning players to try and unlock but few people will return to this after 5 or 10 minutes of play. Why? OverTake is downright offensive in how little it offers, how many ads it spits out (one every 10-15 seconds) and the price of the in-app purchases.

As is the norm, £2.99 will remove ads from the game but there is nowhere enough replay value to make that worthwhile. Yes, you can if you so choose, collect all the cars but they are just skins and don’t affect gameplay at all. Want the best car? It will cost 40,000 coins to buy. With only a couple hundred given per level (depending on how you did) it will take ages and gameplay isn’t good enough to warrant it.

However, hilariously the developer has included the option to spend real money to unlock some of the more expensive cars. So, what is a fair price for a new skin? 99p? £1.99? According to the developer it is £19.99. This might be the most egregious in-app purchases ever seen and would make this a low scoring game on that alone.

However, throw in the abundant assault of ads with gameplay that really isn’t great and OverTake is just another bad free to play game.


  • Carl Fisher

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  • The Final Score - 1/10
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