Horror Movie Review: Deep Evil (2004)

A low budget alien horror, Deep Evil was directed by Pat Williams and stars Lorenzo Lamas, Ona Grauer and Adam J. Harrington.

Low budget silliness, bad acting, even worse dialogue and some downright painful effects, Deep Evil really should be the worst of the worst. Except there is something kind of charming about this kind of trash. Grab a few beers, some popcorn and stick it on, you’ll have some fun.

Let’s begin with a positive…it has a plot. It’s not much of a plot but it is there. The short version is that scientists working on an alien microbe create a highly infectious and dangerous virus. Of course, containment at the facility goes wrong, communication is lost and Delta team is sent in to investigate.

A rag-tag group of men and women with very little in the way of personalities. Their banter is banal, their tough guys/girl acts tiresome and the attempts to make heroes out of most, hilariously bad. Every time one of them does something selfless or heroic, the score swells as if we’re watching The Rock or Armageddon and it’s hard not to laugh. Especially as this same piece of music is used over and over again. It’s like it wants us to stand up and salute these warriors every time.

So, what are they up against? A virus that can morph thanks to its liquid state. This could allow for some imaginative moments but that is not within the budget of Deep Evil. It really doesn’t take long for the realisation to sink in that this is a stinker. However, like stated at the beginning of this review it does have some charm. Not quite a so bad, it’s good movie but rather a so bad, it’s ok if you’re a little drunk and willing to leave your brain at the door movie.

If that sounds like something you can do then Deep Evil will provide the fun.

No way was that officer’s daughter jailbait. She was eighteen or nineteen at least.


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Deep Evil
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