Single Slam – KILL4ME by Marilyn Manson (Heaven Upside Down)

KILL4ME is the title of Marilyn Manson’s second single release from his new album. That album will be called Heaven Upside Down and it will be released on the 6th of October. It follows hot on the heels of the first single released last week called WE KNOW WHERE YOU FUCKING LIVE.

He definitely has a thing about the caps lock button at the moment. You can read the review of that first single here. Heaven Upside Down will be his 10th studio album and follows 2015’s The Pale Emperor. You can read our review of that by following the link.


WE KNOW WHERE YOU FUCKING LIVE was a real return to form. It was vicious and passionate with some great riffs and old school sounding vocals. Sounding a little like Manson back in the Antichrist Superstar/Mechanical Animals era, it really raised the hopes for the new album. KILL4ME is almost the exact opposite to the first with a synth pop sound, reminiscent of the softer songs on the latter album, Mechanical Animals.

At 4 minutes long, KILL4ME is an interesting song and Manson’s vocals sound great again. Kind of like a deranged love song, Manson asks his love to kill for him. Lyrics like “Let’s grab a gold switchblade and make us a blood pact babe” show Manson at his shocking best. Lyrically and vocally it is a great song. It just isn’t that exciting musically. A very slow drum and bass rhythm is occasionally joined by teases of riffs and guitar leads with a lot of effects and synth. It is catchy enough and shows a different style to the first single which is good, when thinking of the new album.

KILL4ME is a good song. It is very much exactly what you would expect from a Manson love song so long term fans will be delighted. I like it but I don’t love it. It just isn’t very exciting overall. It is great to have Manson back sounding like Manson though. That is great. I just hope for a bit more WE KNOW WHERE YOU FUCKING LIVE and not too much more KILL4ME on the new album.

You can preview KILL4ME below –

You can preorder Heaven Upside Down from here. There are some pretty neat packages available. You can also pick up the album, the single and more from Manson at the links below. Check out Marilyn Manson on their website, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more information on them and their new music. Be sure to like and follow them while you are there.

The full track list for Heaven Upside Down is below –

1 – Revelation #12
2 – Tattooed in Reverse
4 – SAY10
6 – Saturnalia
7 – JE$U$ CRI$IS
8 – Blood Honey
9 – Heaven Upside Down
10 – Threats of Romance
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KILL4ME by Marilyn Manson (Heaven Upside Down)
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