Game Review: Overcooked (Xbox One)

Overcooked is a cooking simulation game developed by Ghost Town Games and published by Team17. In a local cooperative experience, players control a number of chefs in kitchens filled with various obstacles and hazards to rapidly prepare meals to specific orders under a time limit. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2016.

In Overcooked, players take on the role of chefs who must prepare and cook meals within a time limit. The levels are made harder, with the layout and more complex dishes added to the mix.

The game is available to play in many forms: solo, competitive multiplayer or local cooperation (up to 4 players). I personally played it on local co-op with RapturesLost. The time limit makes it so you must multi-task and almost mind read your partner in order to get a high enough score, but damn if it isn’t satisfying to manage to do it all perfectly.

Overcooked is definitely addictive. We managed to race through its 28 levels and final boss level; obsessively working to be a better team. Each kitchens different layout presents its own unique challenge, for example: one kitchen is on an iceberg which makes the terrain very slippery and unstable. While another is on a ship: the waves causing the kitchen to be constantly rearranging.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing this. The colours are vibrant and it has an assortment of unlockable characters to play as. Additionally, the main storyline adds another layer of depth and urgency to the situation. It really makes you feel as if you’re working towards something as a team. If only they made more local co-op games because this was definitely up there as one of the most fun we’ve ever had playing one. RapturesLost and I both agree that the only possible rating for this game is a 10 as the only negative is that there aren’t more levels. It’s just so addictive!

  • The Final Score - 10/10
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