Album Review: Zifir – Kingdom Of Nothingness (Duplicate Records)

Zifir are a Turkish two-piece black metal band about to release their third album, Kingdom Of Nothingness on September 22nd 2017 via Duplicate Records.

Zifir 2

A bleak sounding record that drips with dark atmosphere, Kingdom of Nothingness is all about a heavy, old-school black metal sound. A sound that is nasty & visceral in style but not unwilling to create rhythmic tracks.

The Relief in Disbelief & Mina open the show with a constant noisy attack that leaves you with an uneasy feeling. The constant pounding of the drums, the dark riffs & the hellish vocals go some way to ensure that this is an album that you have no choice but to take seriously.

It’s not until 769 though that Zifir really come out of their shell with a slow doomy beat that literally opens up the gates of hell with the monk-like chant that plays out in the background. A truly quality piece of black metal.

The high quality of the dark & morose black metal continues throughout the middle of the album. Common Insanity is a brief trip through a broken mind made up of fragmented rhythm, the angry intent of As Weak As Your God & gothic tones of Echoes from Nowhere. Solid & exciting black metal.

The final two tracks, The Ascension & A Crowded Nothingness see things out in moody style. The former a short & atmospheric black march while the latter cements the heaviness on show. An impressive piece of old-school black metal that makes good use of chanting & cleaner background vocals.

Zifir 1

Zifir – Kingdom Of Nothingness Full Track Listing:

1. Befog
2. The Relief In Disbelief
3. Mina
4. 769
5. Diabolis Praescriptum
6. Common Insanity
7. A State Of Chaos
8. As Weak As Your God
9. Abet
10. Echoes From Nowhere
11. The Ascension
12. A Crowded Nothingness

You can pick up the album now over on Duplicate Records’ Bandcamp & check out their entire catalogue on the website. Find out more & keep up to date about Zifir via Facebook.

Zifir - Kingdom Of Nothingness (Duplicate Records)
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