Album Review: Wait Hell in Pain – Wrong Desire (Revalve Records)

Wrong Desire is the debut album from Italian melodic metal band, Wait Hell in Pain. The album was released on September 22nd 2017 via Revalve Records.

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Wrong Desire is an album built around the story of May. A woman who has suffered tremendous abuse at the hands of a male figure close to her. The 9 tracks (10 if you include the cover) are snapshots that portray the important moments in May’s rebirth.

With that story in mind, the raw power behind Kate ‘Hekate’ Sale’s vocals are what stands out in Wrong Desire. She absolutely kills it no matter if she’s singing with sorrowful emotion or channelling her inner metal snarl.

That’s not to say the music doesn’t hold up as well. Bombastic melodic metal that leans way more towards the metal side of things. Opening track, The Last Trip is an inspired start that demands your attention with its blasting riffs & groovy keyboard effects.

Wait Hell in Pain differentiate themselves from the female-fronted melodic metal crowd by having a much harder metal sound. Tracks like Behind the Mask & Lost in Silence are sublime with their catchy metal rhythm & exciting melody. The former is arguably the best track on the album. Fist-pumpingly good.

Even when throwing out the obligatory ballady number, Wait Hell in Pain just tick all the right boxes. Rain of May is emotional & beautiful thanks to the soaring vocals but the layered symphonic elements alongside the memorable beat is what really makes it special.

There are very few areas where fault can be found. It never gets boring thanks to the variety with each song standing proudly on its own two feet. The subject matter is interesting & the tale is very well told. Wrapping up with the highly inspiring She Wolf, it’s a finale that confirms everything said above. A truly spectacular final track that lifts your spirits & makes you walk that little bit taller.

A band that know exactly what they’re doing & how to do it well. A legitimately brilliant melodic metal album.

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Wait Hell in Pain – Wrong Desire Full Track Listing:

1. The Last Trip
2. Get it Out
3. Behind the Mask
4. Castaway
5. Lost in Silence
6. Rain of May
7. You’re Never Gonna Stop Me
8. The Confession
9. New Moon
10. She Wolf

You can pick up the album now via most major streaming services & via Revalve Records here. Also find out more about Wait Hell in Pain over on their website, via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. You can also watch some of their videos now over on YouTube

Wait Hell in Pain - Wrong Desire (Revalve Records)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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